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Use Your Phone
Zero Knowledge 
Security Camera

30 days event storage by subscription

$2.99 per month

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Why Rill Camera?

The Rill Camera app uses strong cryptography based on elliptical curves. Your Rill Camera data is encrypted with a unique key generated on your device. This means nobody but you has access without the key to your Rill Camera feed and data.

Get the Rill Camera and use it as:

  • Security Camera

  • Health Camera (for parents)

  • Baby Camera

  • Vacation Camera

  • Pet Camera

Easy steps to start

Device 1

Take with you

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Device 2


Take two devices. Install Rill Camera on your main device.


Follow the instructions on your main device to download the Rill Recorder app on your secondary device.


Pair devices with unique QR code, generated on your main device.

Leave at home

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Sound and Motion detection

A unique integrated sound and motion detection system that keeps you constantly informed.


All your data is encrypted

The use of cryptography provides full protection of data on private devices and allows secure storage of data on servers.


Live view mode

Connect to a remote device at any time and watch a live view feed.


Real-time Device Control

Remote control of the camera app: video quality, detection sensibility, notifications, and more


Event notifications

Stay up to date with sound, motion, and battery level notifications


Two-way Talk

Live view talking via camera device by one button click

Secure, fast, simple

Get the Rill Camera app on your phone or tablet and try it for free

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