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The safest security camera app in the world

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Now more than ever, data security is important. Every day we use services that process our data. How it is processed and stored on the server is critical. This is especially important when it comes to video feed.

In order to ensure complete data security, new systems called zero knowledge have been invented. Zero-knowledge means neither the service provider nor the third party are able to access the client's data by decrypting it, even if it is intercepted. Customers who use any services, must be sure that it is well protected.

We are pleased to announce that we have succeeded in creating such a product.

Meet the first zero-knowledge security camera - Rill Camera!

We have based the Rill Camera app on our core principles, and in accordance with the zero-knowledge concept: your data is private and no one, but you, should have access to it, under any circumstances.

To implement such a system, we have integrated the technology of hybrid encryption based on elliptic curves with two keys: public and private. Rill Camera video feed and Rill Camera data on the server are encrypted with a public key, and they can only be decrypted with a private key that is generated and stored on your device. This makes your data secure and accessible only to you.

Let's take a look at the whole process after you have installed and launched our system on your devices. The video feed is captured on the device with the Rill Recorder app, encrypted on it by using hybrid technology, and only then transferred to the server. Neither we nor anyone else will be able to extract your video feed as it is strongly encrypted. When you want to access your stored data from a server, the encrypted video feed downloads to the device with the Rill Camera app, then it is decrypted and displayed in the Rill Camera app.

In addition, we do not collect user data. All you need to start using Rill Camera is your email. Furthermore, by using Apple Sign In you can hide email.

Now you can use the Rill Camera app on your phone as a security camera in the privacy of your home, a hotel room, or an Airbnb apartment without any fear, because no one, but you, has access to a secure video feed and encrypted video data on the server.

Get the Rill Camera app now and reach a new level of security!


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