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Adding a second device to your account

Your Rill Camera data is encrypted with a unique key generated on your device. This means nobody but you has access without the key to your Rill Camera feed and data. To add another device and have access to the same cameras, you need to share the encryption key with the new device.

You need to take your device where you have already signed in to the account and the new device you want to add.

1. Log in to the same account in the Rill Camera app on the new device.

Asset 45_1x.png
Asset 40_1x.png

2. Open the account page and find the Cryptography section.

3. Tap "Export / Show Encryption Key” on your primary device, where you have created an account. You will see a QR code that contains an encryption key.

Asset 41_1x.png
Asset 42_1x.png

4. On the new device, which you want to add, tap "Import Encryption Key”.

5. Point the new device to the QR code and scan. On the same page, you will see the message "Encryption keys are replaced". Then you can close this dialog.

Asset 43_1x.png

Well done! You are all set!

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